Sunday, October 4, 2015

The town of Magden and the Darkwood

Our heroes don't find a welcome mat in Magden, the local thieves guild pick a few pockets and enrage our heroes with the holy vengeance of crazy. They encounter a statue to man named: Hosadus and discover he is still being worshipped after 400 years. The murals at the shrine depict Hosadus during his lifetime. They then stock up at the marketplace and happen to view a puppet show depicting "The Master" defeating a bronze colored giant. They acquire a longboat and sail toward lake tros. Eventually they arrive at the borders of the Darkwood Forest. Our heroes explore a massive obelisk hidden in a clearing, our brave wizard touches the obelisk with the intent to identify it. The obelisk sends a bolt of light into the heavens and the heavens return a bolt of lightning tossing the wizard like a cheap salad. They receive for their troubles a poem or riddle glowing upon the obelisk.  Finally, they explore a black stone in another forest clearing, all of our heroes are immune to the effects of a spirit that inhabits the stone, all except our brave wizard who becomes possessed. The wizard decides to skip town and must answer a quick call of nature. The dwarf follows only to find the wizard dissapear. Our heroes rush to the boat to find the boat preparing to leave. The decide to shoot their teammate and brother-in-arms injuring him badly. The ranger decides to swim to the boat only to trade her hands for a pair of hooves - deer hooves that is! The cleric gets luck and casts hold person on the wizard holding him fast. They bind the wizard and return to the stone only to find they are unable to exorcise the possessing spirit. Finally, They trigger a powerful protection from undead scroll that drives the foul horror back into the stone; returning the wizard's spirit back into his body. They flee the area and continue down the river... The quest continues.

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