Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dark Master defeated!

Our brave adventurers fear the last supper with the Dark Master and decide to go back to the temple where the casket labeled with a age-worn "H" is written on the heavy stone lid. Only the wizard and the ranger are able to move around invisible while the rest of the party becomes a loud distraction. The ranger and wizard make it into the temple and begin to make sharpened stakes worthy of a vampire. The wizard flips the latch releasing a poison dart sending the wizard to the floor for a dirt nap. The ranger decides to open the coffin only to find an old man in rags lying below! She stabs the old man with a stake at which time he awakes. The ranger then attacks with her scimitar using all attempts to destroy the evil intity in all haste. The old man returns the favor with choking fingers of fury. The rest of the party arrives to see a bunch of guards and a summoned storm giant surrounding the poor outnumbered ranger. The dark master begins his descent down a flight of stairs as he prepares to enter the fray. In a last ditch attempt the ranger strikes with her scimitar and a lucky "20" to finally send the old man in rags back into his coffin. The Dark Master never makes it to the battle as he succumbs to the icy embraces of death and stumbles down the stairs. The storm giant flees as the magic that held him is released. A massive battle ensues with many of the masters minions that remain and not a few of our heroes bite the dust and are revived throughout the carnage. Slowly our heroes turn the odds in their favor and begin to dispatch the nastiest of the dark master's minions and work their way to a final victory. The battle won and the temple of death defeated our heroes gather what treasure is available and flee before the bewildered inhabitants arrive to start asking questions. The long journey is finally over and the quest is at an end.

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  1. Steve, I looked up the third module in this series and it's X10 called "Red Arrow, Black Shield." It's apparently the capstone adventure for what began with Masters of the Desert Nomads. Looking back on this adventure, I honestly think that the Temple of Death module was too ambitious for what it expected from the pc's. Difficulty issues (and lack of "Stoneskin" aside), I think that I would have preferred that this module had been longer. Admittedly, our group took a shortcut to the Temple of Death that perhaps was unintended. But the overthrow of a despot such as Hosadus should happen in more than just 32 pages. It literally could be an entire campaign and be the ultimate goal of high level characters to accomplish while gathering information about someone as powerful as "The Master." Anyway, that's just my thoughts on it. You did a fine job running it. Now onto Oriental Adventures.