Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Temple of Death

Our heroes continue downriver and hear a hunting horn in the distance. Soon they are surrounded by spectral hounds that materialize on the raft. The cleric summons a protection circle and keeps the beasts at bay. The battle is grand and a few are bit only to find their bodies slowly fading away. They dispel the effects and heal their wounds. Soon they are met by a sky ship with a skeleton crew who drop a rope latter, our heroes climb aboard and are flown to the Temple of Death where the master is waiting. After a lengthy monologue our heroes show some interest in joining The Master's cause.  They accept a dinner invitation where the Master's plans will be discussed further. They are taken to a room where they can rest, but instead of resting they quickly resort to spying. Their companion from the Great Pass reveals he is a doppelgänger, they hatch a plan to kill an acolyte in order for the doppelgänger to have the appropriate clothing. The doppelgänger and our invisible ranger with a squirrel in her pocket go spying. The going is rough because guards are everywhere. The encounter an old temple filled with coffins; they later find 3 radiate magic. They also encounter a massive statue in the perfect likeness of a storm giant also radiates magic. They believe The Master stays in the tower which is heavily guarded. The adventure continues.

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