Sunday, March 20, 2016


After a battle with a wasteland spirit and giant mobats, our adventurers arrive at the accursed temple of the Opiwang. Before them stands a massive temple, a 3 tiered ziggurat of gigantic proportions. Here they meet animated cat statues of stone and black panthers. Their progress is hindered by traps until they meet the leopard lord who is held captive who offers aid to the party in hopes they destroy the Opiwang. (Though he has little faith in the party) they find a blind naga who is also held captive, the shukenja heals the naga and is freed. The stairs guarding the 3rd level of the ziggurat is protected by the Ochimo that remain! A samurai's motto is never let them see you sweat, nevertheless our brave samurai lost his psychic duel with the fire Ochimo. Time after time the Ochimo unleashed torrential torrents of fire upon the party, only to wave them off with superior saving throws. The battle continues...

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